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Welcome to the Mystery Shopping Provider's Association Asia Pacific Online Certification Course and Test.

This certification will be widely promoted to mystery shopping companies and it should make it easier for qualified mystery shoppers to get work depending on their personal details, availability, the detailed arrangements between the mystery shoppers and the mystery shopping agency, and the mystery shopping projects in your area.

This certification test is the basic qualification MSPA Asia Pacific currently provides for carrying out mystery shopping across Asia Pacific. It covers all of the key criteria for understanding mystery shopping and how you can be involved in the industry.

If you are new to MSPA Asia Pacific or if you want to know more about mystery shopping, please visit www.mspa-ap.org or send your queries to mspa-ap@mysteryshop.org

Who will benefit most from the this program?

The people this program will help most are shoppers who are relatively new to the industry. They have the most to learn. It is also helpful for shoppers wanting to open the doors with more companies. Again, assuming all applicants are the same and one is certified, the certified shopper has set himself or herself apart. Taking this test is also a good opportunity to review the ethics and guidelines for mystery shopping in Asia Pacific.

This certification is not mandatory. By taking this test it is not guaranteed you will have more mystery shopping assignments. By taking this test you are investing in education. You are not however paying to get more shops; you are paying to learn more about an industry that is changing every day.

The certification test is in 5 modules or sections. Each module consists of: Introduction text, followed by a test of questions Each module contains a number of questions on a database and the questions selected for your specific test are selected randomly by the system. So if you do take the test more than once, you may well find that some of the questions are different.

By joining this test you will learn more about:

* Module 1 - Code of Ethics, the MSPA Code of Professional Standards and Ethics Agreement
* Module 2 - About Mystery Shopping
* Module 3 - Acceptance and preparation for the visit
* Module 4 - The Mystery Shopping Visit
* Module 5 - Reporting your Mystery Shopping Results

You will need to score 80% to pass the test. In additional, you cannot have a score lower than 50% in any of the modules. You may quit the test at any time and then follow the instructions in the e-mail you received to log back in. hen you login, you will be brought back to the beginning of the section you left off on.

Refund policy:

If you encounter any problems with the MSPA Asia Pacific Certification process, you must report the problem immediately after they occur in order to receive a refund. Delay in reporting the error will result in no refund, and the shopper will have to wait 3 months to take the test again.

To report problems, send an email to mspa-ap@mysteryshop.org indicating:
1) Exact nature of the problem and;
2) Date and time of problem.

Shoppers have the right to cancel within seven days after the payment is made and receive full refund of their payment; however as soon as a shopper completes the MSPA certification test, and passes or fails, no refund will be made!
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